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Grand Manan is an island between the Gulf of Maine and the Bay of Fundy, off the coast of New Brunswick and Maine. Geologists who visit Grand Manan know the rocks and structures of the island to be spectacular but challenging. Rock hounds, mineral collectors, and beach combers find a variety of interesting and often rare samples. Along with excellent and accessible outcrops (especially along the shoreline), the island's unspoiled scenery and peaceful atmosphere are not surpassed anywhere along the eastern coast of North America. It is a special place.


This web page about the geology of Grand Manan is intended for students, teachers, geologists, and others who appreciate this part of our earth. Please feel free to contact me with questions or comments. 


Greg McHone, November 2013



Overview of Grand Manan Geology Minerals of Grand Manan Old Articles and Post Cards
Large Bedrock Geology Map 2013 Trembath's 1973 NEIGC field trip Willa Cather's Cottage
Small Geological Map 2011 Greg's chapter: copper on Grand Manan Bay of Fundy Tidal Video
Mesozoic Geology Field Guide 1870 report on the copper prospect Fundy Geological Museum
Pre-Mesozoic Geology Field Guide Newspaper 1872 copper article Grand Manan Museum
Q&A about Seven Days Work Grand Manan History -- Minerals (1876) Regional Tectonic Terrane Map
Seven Days Work panorama (large file) Keevil Copper Exploration 1964 Report History of Grand Manan (1876)
Seven Days Work Presentation Slides Geology of Grand Manan by Bailey, 1872 GM Geology Facebook Group
Geological Cross Section Fundy Basin Photos of Pre-Mesozoic Island Geology NB Geology Facebook group
Mesozoic Geology Photo Collage 2009 Museum Presentation on G.M. Geology Grand Manan Relief Map
Grand Manan Basin and Fundy Basin Presentation on G. M. Lava Structures Mesozoic Correlation
Grand Manan Basin geography Presentation on North Mtn. Basalt Sources Grand Manan Time Scale
Mesozoic Dikes and Basins Map Bay of Fundy Regional Dikes and Basalts Grand Manan Island Website
Fissure dyke basalt sources Grand Manan Geology References Grand Manan Trail Map
White Horse Island dike segment Geology from the Sea Field Trips in the Fundy
Christmas Cove Dike Poster Map    

Note on 26 March 2012: the Grand Manan Museum has a bright new geology exhibit, with new maps, minerals, graphics and other displays. Check it out this summer!

Our Grand Manan geology publications are available at local museum shops or directly from Greg (contact me)

Grand Manan Geology: Excursions in Island Earth History

The McHones' Guide to Grand Manan Beach Stones

Mesozoic Geology of Grand Manan: An Island Field Guide